Baker by Chance: Your Egg-Free Bakery Haven

Baker by Chance: Your Egg-Free Bakery Haven

Baker by Chance: Your Egg-Free Bakery Haven

Baker by Chance: Your Egg-Free Bakery Haven 

Don’t we all love the aroma of freshly baked pastries, velvety cakes, and all other majestic bakery items? Our heart often craves these sweet things, which is why in the heart of the city amid all the chaos, we have brought the sweet dreamy delights from Baker by Chance— a complete eggless haven for people who want to satisfy their sweet tooth without worrying about egg allergies or those who don’t eat eggs. From the mouth-watering tasty creamy and moist cakes to the other freshly baked items, everything about this place will drive you crazy and keep you coming back for more. Fell in love with every bite it offers. This beloved bakery offers an array of baked delicacies to cater to every plate.

Egg-free delights: Baker by Chance stands firm and tall as it delivers egg-free items to all its customers, it ensures you enjoy our tastiest sweet collections without worrying about eggs, whether you are allergic to eggs or you are vegetarian, you will have a variety of options to choose from without worrying. These eggless cakes are not only delicious and full of flavour.

Trust and Reputation: Over the years, this bakery has gained valuable trust and an amazing reputation for being one of the best cake bakeries in the city. It not only provides you with taste but also promises to give you quality, hygiene, and exceptional artistry. If you're craving the sweetest, tastiest cakes, you must visit the Bakery by Chance locations wherever you live in the Delhi NCR. 

Hassle-free Online services: One of the best qualities of our bakery is that we also provide our services online, making it easier for you to enjoy our tastiest treats enjoying the comfort of your own home. We prepare customizable cakes according to your specifications. 

Variety of flavors: Whether you want a low-sugar cake or any flavor cake, Baker by Chance is all set to provide you with one, be it any shape or size. We deliver a diverse range of items from the most basic yet flavourful cakes like chocolate and vanilla to the most exotic options such as red velvet cheesecake, Tiramisu cake, Belgium chocolate truffle cake, fresh fruit cake, caramel, blueberry cheesecake, Mango custard cake, butterscotch, etc. Baker by Chance prepares the most flavourful, moist, and beautiful cakes for all your joyous occasions.

Your happy-budget Jars: The heavenly jar cakes by Baker by Chance are a delicious delicacy that works well for any occasion. Moist and flavor-filled cake and rich, creamy icing are piled inside each jar. Tastes like tiramisu jar, fresh fruit trifle jar, and banoffee jar are all masterfully blended to provide a decadent experience with each bite. Jar cakes are a delightfully portable and aesthetically pleasing way to indulge your sweet tooth.

Signature treats: Our best-selling brownies such as salted caramel brownies, triple chocolate brownies, chocolate walnut brownies, and Muffins can bring water to your mouth, all made with love and care to meet the expectations of your taste buds. These unique delights offer rich, gooey chocolate that melts in your mouth, leaving you with a burst of flavors in your mouth.

Savories and Beverages: In addition to pastries, we also give light and delectable tea cakes, which are the ideal accompaniment for everyone who prefers something sweet with their tea. The taste of these tea cakes will linger in your mouth for a very long time. Many other items that we serve are crunchy cookies, with a variety of ranges like double chocolate cookies, coconut cookies, salty butter peanut cookies, raisin and oats cookies, Choco-chip cookies, Whole wheat multigrain cookies, etc. to bread, savories, beverages, patties, and other continental items.

A favorite outlet: Among all our outlets, one of our customer’s favorite outlets is the defence colony and Gurgaon location. It not only provides the most delectable treats but also offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for customers to feel amazing while indulging in their sweet delights. Our Baker by Chance members in all the outlets are generous and humble and ready to give you quick and great services. We believe customers are family to us and that’s why we ensure you enjoy a very cherishing time at our outlets.


Baker by Chance is your go-to destination for all your sweet cravings. It is more than just a bakery, It is a place that provides an amazing blend of flavors prepared with creativity and your true partner for all the happy moments of celebration You may entrust us with celebrating your life's greatest moments, whether it's your birthday or anniversary. Surprise your loved ones with our irresistible offerings. We are willing to provide you with the best tastiest treat so you may always treasure these moments. Order today and let us be part of your happiest moments. We guarantee a delicious journey for your taste buds and a smile on your face! 

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